DabbledooMusic in Limerick this Saturday

Free Dabbledoomusic workshop this Saturday 13th in Limerick. Also a chance to get a sneak preview of the new website!

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Use Your Brain - Play Music!

Great video looking briefly at the links between brain activity and cognitive functions and music. Most importantly it points to musical performance, not just just listening, as the most beneficial and stimulating way to experience music. They're singing off the DabbledooMusic hymn sheet there!

A good introductory book on the subject by Dr. Daniel Levitin. Loads of science but very accessible read:

DabbledooMusic- Twisted Pepper - 6th of June

We are throwing a HUGE party in The Twisted Pepper, Dublin on the 6th of June for all the teachers, parents and fans of DabbledooMusic out there.
The line up will include an array of amazing musicians and artist playing everything from New Orleans brass to Techno. Not to be missed!

DabbledooMusic in The Science Gallery.

This Sunday 16th at 1:00 we will be taking DabbledooMusic to the Science Gallery, Dublin. If you haven't been before, it is an amazing place to spend a few hours exploring the connection between science and art.

The current exhibition looks at example of how failure is a common and often necessary element in creativity. The road to success is often paved with failures, it is how we accept them and learn from them that leads to the greatest creations.

At DabbledooMusic we believe that people need to shed their fear of failure in musical creation. In our workshops everyone performs as a group with each individual invited to experiment, make mistakes, trust their instincts and enjoy the experience.


Everybody welcome (most suitable for ages 5 and up), instruments will be provided.