DabbledooMusic in The Science Gallery.

This Sunday 16th at 1:00 we will be taking DabbledooMusic to the Science Gallery, Dublin. If you haven't been before, it is an amazing place to spend a few hours exploring the connection between science and art.

The current exhibition looks at example of how failure is a common and often necessary element in creativity. The road to success is often paved with failures, it is how we accept them and learn from them that leads to the greatest creations.

At DabbledooMusic we believe that people need to shed their fear of failure in musical creation. In our workshops everyone performs as a group with each individual invited to experiment, make mistakes, trust their instincts and enjoy the experience.


Everybody welcome (most suitable for ages 5 and up), instruments will be provided.

Congratulations NYOI

It was close to a full house on Saturday for the NYOI concert and the orchestra played brilliantly, as usual. There were a number of new members who hadn't played in such a huge Orchestra before so a special congratulations to all of them on a successful night.

Stay tunes for lesson plans and worksheets based on our experience with the youth orchestra.

You can find out more about the orchestra here:

NYOI - Trumpet Concerto

The National Youth Orchestra Of Ireland will be performing in the conert hall, Dublin tomorrow at 3. Here's a short Video of soloist Nail O Sullivan and conductor Gearoid Grant, with the orchestra rehearsing the Haydn Trumpet Concerto.

They'll also be performing Beethoven, Bizet and a few Irish bits from Leroy Anderson.

NYOI Trumpet Concerto Rehearsals from NYOI on Vimeo.

DabbledooMusic Introduces: The National Youth Orchestra of Ireland

This week DabbledooMusic will be joining the NYOI for their winter course in Killkenny College, in the build up to their concert in the National Concert Hall in Dublin on Saturday the 4th of January.
We will be giving you a behind the scenes look at how an orchestra works and throughout January we will have a series of lesson plans and worksheets to introduce our students to the wonders of orchestral music.

Book tickets for this Saturday here

These are the best young classical musicians in Ireland and they are pretty amazing if you ask us. They must be seen (and heard) to be believed!

NYOI Promo 2013 (short version) from Mike Hannon on Vimeo.